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élan offers a variety of data capture solutions including, scanning, batch data entry from paper or image for import into virtually any system, on-line data entry from images into a remote customer based system and personnel services solutions when on-site data entry operators are required. élan solutions utilize the best available technology including optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition and barcode scanning to supplement our team of trained data entry operators.

Data Verification

élan’s reputation has been built on the provision of accurate, timely and secure data capture services. élan Data Makers strives for a 99.9% accuracy rate on all verified data. Combined with employing only the highest caliber of data entry operations staff we utilize the extensive editing features available on our systems to achieve this goal.

Complete verification of data is the only method to ensure the highest standard of accuracy. As data entry is a labour intensive task, total verification of data approximately doubles the cost of production. It is our policy to strongly urge our clients to absorb this cost.

DCPA, the software used by élan, allows for each field to be independent from all other fields within the specified format. This means that we are able to specify which fields are to be double-keyed (verified). It is normal data entry practice not to verify fields that are fully edited such as check digit and table look-up fields. An extra step of re-verifying all fields corrected in verify mode is also pre-programmed into the formats. The verify function is controlled by the system and cannot be overridden by the operators.

At data output time, the system utilizes "Output Parameters" which dictate the status each batch must attain prior to processing. We stipulate that all batches must be fully verified or else they will not be processed and output. This "must be verified" parameter restricts the processing of any batch that has not been 100% verified. If the batch was not verified it will be displayed to the operations personnel as an "Invalid Batch". If this should occur processing is halted and the operations staff investigate the batch(es) in error. Processing will not be re-initiated until all batches are "Valid".

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